What is Evaporative Cooling? Remember how you used to tackle the scorching heat in summers?
Washing face with chilled water and then the air striking your wet face, instantly gave you chills! Yes, that cool sensation due to the evaporation process is known as evaporation cooling. Evaporative cooling is a technique that is based upon strategic research and reengineering of technology to achieve synchronization of sustainability, energy, and cost. Every evaporative cooler has a media or a cooling pad that is responsible for the prodigious cooling effect. The water circulates and evaporates across these pads. When the hot air hits these saturated media, it absorbs moisture and discharges cool as well as fresh air from the unit. The efficient water distribution system keeps the pads well-soaked in water.
Summers come with great anxiety and to overcome the scorching heat, we try out different solutions from chilled drinks to air conditioners, we wish to do everything just at the cost of relief. Man is and has always been selfish without worrying about the consequences our luxuries can lead us to.
However, with the innovations and re-engineered technologies An effective solution and in fact the Worlds Best Cooling Solutions arrived in the form of Evaporative Air Conditioning, which prompts you to be a follower of the quote Be a Part of the Solution and not Pollution.
Kaava Air Innovations private limited, Manufactures and provides such one of a kind Evaporative Air Coolers and Cooling Solutions. They are not just ordinary coolers, but they are indeed super coolers because of their water and environment sustainability traits. It is an effective paradigm that replaced traditional method of cooling for climate control. These cooling units are one of the most sought after for dry-hot climate.
The working mechanism of ductable super air coolers is not complex.The secret ingredient for the success of ductable super coolers lies in the cutting-edge and relentless re-engineering techniques. With strategic thinking and rigorous testing, our smart innovators developed ductable Super Coolers.
Below are the points of why Evaporative cooling is the worlds best cooling solutions?
Evaporation is a natural cooling process. It has zero damage to environment and Self Health. A true eco friendly solution.
Fresh filtered cool freen air  As the fan draws outside air though the cooling pads, not only is it chilled but the air is also filtered from impurities. It Eliminates odors and stale air instead of recirculating them.
Money saving running costs up to 90% less than a mechanical air conditioning system
Doors and windows can remain open with no detrimental effect on the efficiency or operating cost.
Provides a natural environment and improves air quality.
Moisture levels Dry air from refrigerated air conditioners can aggravate allergies and asthma. Evaporative air conditioning systems use moisture to cool the air, it is a natural process and therefore disfavours any skin, nose throat or eyes irritation or dryness.

Ever wondered why Ductable or Centralized Cooling is the Best Solutions? Their utility is pretty influencing!

Following are the other benefits of Ductable cooling solution:-

25% More cooling
Engineered Solutions Ductable cooling solutions are way better than conventional, they are well engineered and delivers optimum performance and cooling delivery as required in various zones.
Multi-dimensional They can also be set-up to operate multidimensionally or zones, i.e cooling different areas simultaneously.
Space Constraint The compact and sturdy design of our products consumes minimal space. Thus, can be easily installed in tight or complex location with negligible foot print and weight on the buildings. Kaava ductable cooling systems require least floor space.
Comfort Always Maintains even room temperature throughout the time.
90% Power Saving They save more than 50% electricity, water, space, noise than conventional coolers and 90% less than ACs.
100% fresh air The evaporative process relies on airflow, with cool air entering through ducts and then exiting via open doors or windows. Only 100% fresh air is circulating, rather than stale and recycled air.
Due to choice of installation in most suitable area, access to outdoor fresh air and engineerd duct fabrication, ductable cooling solutions deliver upto 25% more cooling than the traditional air coolers.
Lowest Maintenece One dont have to maintain multiple air coolers in a specific area. It becomes highly cost effective maintenece and hassle free operations.
Permanent Solution They dont require offseason shifting or removal Unlike window or portable coolers. It is a very permanent and reliable solution.
Less Sound Installation via duct and air from remote locations reduces sound upto 50%. It becomes easy to talk on mobile and listen to your TV or Mobile easily.
Cleaner Outdoors No unwanted installation on prime locations of your spaces. Can be installed at a hidden places with aircoming out from hidden sources.
Enjoy the outdoors Ducted evaporative cooling units require some windows or doors to be open to create airflow. By leaving doors and windows open, an evaporative system can even be used to cool outdoor areas!

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